"Bilgewater - Declaration of Independence"

League of Legend - July 4th Independence Day Art Contest

" Bilgewater - Declaration of Independence "

Three pirates celebrating their independence with sparklers and Gangplank with steak :P


"Desert City"

Desert city for my personal project
name of the city undecided yet.
Love how it came out <3

"Mech Armor"

Hard surfaced armor character designs for Zbrush



A character concept I did for my friend.

"Street fighter characters"

 Homeless man

 Mad Scientist



The Real street fighters

"Another version of giant monster"

Another take on monster invasion.
More like a scene from movie.

"Giant monster"

"Game redesign"

Red Dead Redemption redesign.


A scene I created for Looper using one of my digital landscape painting.


A dehydrated citizen heading towards the city in desert.
From my personal story/project.

"Personal project"

Ideation sketches I've done for my own personal project with the story I am creating right now.
Pencil drawing is just too fun.

"Perspective drawings"

Environment drawings I've done for Adv. Perspective class

"Digital landscape paintings"

Some digital landscape paintings.



Flying galleon shiiiiiiip

Too lazy to put more details... 

Just wanted to see how it looks like with a fly-like wings all around galleon ship.

Not too bad...

"The Last Emperor"

The Last Emperor costume design


Gigantic airships carrying massive mech army invading human cities 


A cool mech I did for viscom 2. 

I really liked how the design came out.